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Since 2010, Thuuz' content curation expertise has powered products and services for the top sports content owners and distributors.
Thuuz data insights help content marketers know which events are exciting so they can focus their efforts for the highest ROI.
Be smart with your budget

Our Content Marketing Intelligence helps you use your marketing money right – much as our Programming Guide Enhancements guide your fans to use their time right.

Our excitement ratings trigger notifications directing your audience toward matches that are more likely to result in subscriptions.

Promote the right events

The strength of Thuuz Real-Time Sports Marketing (RTSM) emerges in the fusion of fan-based criteria like team favorites with our dynamic excitement ratings. With these insights, sports marketers can engage the viewer to tune in to a live game event that is both exciting and personally at exactly the time when they should be watching it.

Win at content marketing

International leagues entering the US market, college and high school sports packaged for OTT distribution, and even emerging sports bundles like eSports, are targeting viewers most inclined to trial and subscribe. Not every match you bought the rights to will yield the same conversion results. Our marketing intelligence guides you to promote the best events.